Project Description

Labor Law

The Bertucci Law Firm provides legal assistance in favor of its Italian and international clients in the fields of labor, trade union and social security law.

The Law Firm assists its clients with regard to the employment and termination of employment relationship of dirigenti (managers) and employees of non-managerial level, job classification of employees, editing of transactions at the competent offices.

The Law Firm is able to provide legal assistance also in issues of collective redundancies, restructuring plans, relations with trade unions, national and corporate collective contracts (subordinate employment contracts, cooperation agreements and project contracts) and with regard to individual and collective transfers.

The Law Firm also offers legal advice to its foreign clients in order to ensure compliance with the Italian laws, and with EU legislation, of company policies on employees.

The Law Firm represents and assists its clients also in out-of-court stages, in litigation proceedings as well as in arbitration proceedings. The Law Firm provides assistance in all aspects directly or indirectly related to labor law.