Project Description

Air Transport Law

The Law Firm boasts many years experience in the field of air transport law. It offers assistance to primary international air carriers operating in Italy in relation to the management, organizational and operational issues of such carriers.

Moreover, the Law Firm provides legal assistance in both civil and administrative judicial matters, as well as out-of-court cases with regard to every aspect of air transport, regulatory, antitrust law.

The Law Firm supplies assistance in the negotiation and editing of all contracts (for instance: contracts with airport handling companies, group acquisitions agreements with IATA agencies, corporate agreements, General Sales Agency Agreement, etc.), as well as in respect to the drafting of General Conditions of Transport, company policies etc..

The Law Firm also provides employees of the airlines with training courses for handling complaints filed by passengers, furnishing a general overview of the system of air transport law at international level (International Conventions and European Regulation No. 261/04) and national level.